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Are you facing a rent increase? Having maintenance issues? Problems with your landlord? 

Rents in Sacramento are out of control and too many families are hurting. Waypoint Homes (aka Colony Starwood) has quickly grown to be one of the largest landlords of single family rentals in all of California - increasing the rent in Northern California by roughly 8-13% per year and even has one maintenance person in charge of 1800 properties. On Monday, June 5th alone the company purchased 3000 properties in one day. Because of a state law, Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, single family rentals like these have no rent control and no protections for these families. That's why we're calling on Waypoint Homes as an example to all corporate landlords to institute a moratorium on all rent increases immediately. A win for Waypoint tenants is a win for all tenants everywhere. Learn more about Waypoint and their wrongdoings here.

Whether you are a Waypoint tenant or not, sign the petition to hold Wall Street landlords like Waypoint accountable!

Are you a Waypoint tenant?