Lemon Grove

City Council

→ Alysson Snow is not your typical paint-by-numbers politician, but she’s certainly passionate about housing justice, and she has a lot of ideas about how to protect housing for low and middle income families. As a housing justice advocate, Alysson has worked for the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, and leads the Housing Rights Project at University of San Diego Law School.  As a housing expert, Alysson has held ‘Know Your Rights’ clinics for ACCE members and tenants in the community. As a candidate, she has put forth several ideas for how to make housing affordable and accessible, such as: pre-litigation requirements, mediation incentives, lengthening the time for issuing and responding to cure or quit notices, right to counsel, regulating the predatory PACE program, protecting senior citizens from reverse mortgage fraud and loan servicing, rent caps, rent registries, eviction masking, and much more. We need ideas like these. We need the know-how that Alysson has. We don’t need more paint-by-number politicians.