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I'm Leaving ACCE - Help Us Build a New Era!

$925.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00

I came to Oakland in 2002 and was fortunate enough to have my first experience in organizing and building with folks in East Oakland take place through the Measure EE, Just Cause for Eviction Campaign. This campaign took the first in many steps to increase renter rights and protections and pave the way to last November’s victory in passing Measure JJ, a measure ACCE Action was proud to have helped get on the Ballot with the Committee to Protect Oakland Renters.  Since then I’ve been extremely fortunate to work alongside residents from East Oakland to Pittsburg who, in spite of me being an outsider and not from this community, made me feel like this was my home. The many residents, organizers and community leaders welcomed me as an ally and collaborator in the Bay Area’s historic movement for racial and economic justice and it’s something I will be forever grateful for and humbled by.

In the years since that first campaign in 2002, I’m grateful to have taken part in so many amazing efforts that, in my opinion, took steps toward taking on and addressing the social and economic structures that are at the root of the many issues we organize to change.  From forcing the City of Pittsburg to build affordable housing for very low income families, working with parents to win what became Oakland’s “Teach for Tomorrow” program that created a pipeline for Oakland students to become teachers, home occupations that resulted in families getting houses back from Big Banks to passing Minimum Wage, it’s been an interesting ride.  Mostly though, I’m proud to have been a witness and ally of a culture of resistance and resilience that seems to always strive to imagine another world and an alternative structure to the one so many are battling or struggling under.

So it’s with a very heavy heart that I step down as Director of Oakland ACCE and transition out of the organization this August. After doing this work for 15 years, I feel that it’s time to step away and create space for new leadership to carry on the work that I’ve been fortunate to be part of throughout the East Bay. When it’s time, it’s time.

I am transitioning out, but the incredible work of ACCE and our members here continues. The members and leaders I have worked with havebecome like family to me – and I trust them to continue to push their vision for a better Oakland forward. But, I want to help support them and I want to ask you to also. This is a critical moment in our country and here in Oakland for real organizing in the trenches – help me reach my goal of raising $10,000 to continue the movement for justice and celebrate the work we've done so far!

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