California Workers Need a Raise!

It is time to lower the percentage of people living in poverty and hold the largest corporations accountable.  I stand with California workers who have shouldered the burden of the “bottom line,” for far too long! We want a higher Statewide Minimum Wage and one that keeps up with inflation and the cost of living.  I stand with workers to make sure they have fair and predictable schedules and are protected from being victimized by employers who commit wage theft.
I support The California Worker Justice Agenda to improve the quality of life for working families.

You can count on me to support an increase a Statewide Minimum wage and Predictable schedules for all workers.
I will support SB 3 Increase the Statewide Minimum Wage, SB 588 Protecting Workers against Wage Theft and AB 357 giving workers the right to a Fair Work Week - keep me updated on how to get involved in contacting legislators!


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