City Council

→ Caity Maple, a community homelessness advocate and former lobbyist for the pot industry, poses such a threat to the status quo machinery of Sacramento politics, that the ‘powers that be’ are threatened by her. Earlier this year, the city of Sacramento went after Caity for installing a community refrigerator and food pantry in her yard to give away free food to the hungry, and leading up to the election, the real estate industry, the chamber of commerce, and the police unions have been spending tens of thousands of dollars against her. And the thing is, the corporate-political class should absolutely be threatened by her. Caity Maple is stridently for the people, and clearly independent of corporate influence. She’s hustling for a “New Deal for Sacramento” based on a vision of affordable housing, environmental protections, safe communities, and support for workers and small businesses. And just as telling as who’s against her, you can tell where Caity’s values are by who stands beside her. Aside from ACCE, Caity counts on support from several organizations and unions, including: the Democratic Party, the Sunrise Movement, Sacramento’s Labor Council (AFL-CIO), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the California Nurses Association, and theNational Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).