City Council

→ Doria Robinson is showing up for this election the same way she has shown up for Richmond in the past—full of fight and passion. Her life’s work in the community and her campaign pledges reveal a commitment to progressive values that will continue to empower Richmond. A multigenerational, lifetime Richmond resident herself, Doria is the Executive Director for the non-profit group Urban Tilth, which provides free and reduced cost access to vegetables and fruits to low income families in Richmond. What’s more, Doria was appointed to the State Board of Agriculture by Newsom, where she’s working to increase access to healthy foods in similar communities across the state. This is the kind of work ethic and continued commitment to the community that Doria’s bringing to her campaign, and to the district. The other candidates, who clearly hold an allegiance to Chevron and other corporate interests, don’t stand for Richmond residents, and they shouldn’t stand a chance to get your vote.