Expose Conservative Wolves: End Pay to Play!

Election cycle, after election cycle we have seen the the influence of tens of millions of dollars spent by the Realtors Association, wealthy luxury housing developers and Wall Street Finance used to confuse San Francisco voters.

It's time to expose San Francisco's conservative wolves dressed in progressive values! The blatant lying, voter confusion, and illegal campaign contributions are part of a larger problem of "Pay-to-Play" politics in our city.ENOUGH!

SIGN the petition below to demand an investigation into "Pay-to-Play" politics in San Francisco city hall and elections. 


Dear President Breed, Members of the Board of Supervisors, City Attorney Herrera, DA Gascon, and Members of the San Francisco Ethics Commission:

It is past time to end "Pay to Play" inside City Hall.

The influence of tens of millions of dollars from billionaires like Ron Conway, the Realtors Association, luxury housing developers and Wall Street Finance within City Hall is hurting our city and our democracy. Billionaire slush funds spent on our elections directly harm my quality of life, raising my cost of living and endangering my neighborhood and its character.

In 2011 and 2014, two Civil Grand Juries reported on the corrupting influence of big money and recommended solutions. You ignored them.

Last year, over 4,000 San Franciscans called for an independent investigation into illegal campaign contributions. Over 4,000 San Franciscans called to end the unfair influence these donations have had on our city and at City Hall.  You ignored them.

Therefore, I demand an investigation.

I demand a full, independent investigation that includes public testimony; full protection against retaliation for city employees and contractors who testify; and independent experts and organizations with strong record of investigating and documenting Pay to Play and money trails.

I demand the Ethics Commission use their subpoena power to investigate and release a public report requiring specific actions to end Pay to Play and the damaging influence of money in politics on our community.

I demand an end to Pay to Play.

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    Sign the petition: Clean Money Pledge
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    Sign the petition: Clean Money Pledge
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