Los Angeles

City Council

→ With city councilmember Mike Bonin set to step down at the end of this term, District 11 voters will be faced with the important task of filling his seat with someone who will continue the work. Bonin has been seen as one of the most progressive members of the City Council. In particular, he’s been outspoken against the criminalization of unhoused Angelenos, and has instead prioritized housing and social services—which continues to be a minority opinion on the council. Now the question is whether he’ll be replaced by another progressive, or a moderate. The race comes down between two contenders: the tenant rights advocate, versus the landlord/cop-endorsed surrogate. The stark and clear choice is Erin Darling, who understands that in order to be serious about tackling the homelessness crisis, you need to work towards preventing homelessness. For Erin Darling, a tenants rights lawyer who cut his legal teeth working for Eviction Defense Network (EDN), this means strengthening tenant protections to reduce increases in rent costs, and reducing evictions. A hometown native and lifelong resident of the district, a surfer, a lawyer, and an advocate, Erin Darling is the right heir to carry on a progressive tradition in the district, and to lift the voice of vulnerable residents across the city.