Los Angeles

City Attorney

→ In Los Angeles, we have learned the hard way how important the role of city attorney can be. We have seen how the outgoing city attorney has drafted weak ordinances that lack the strength to protect tenants. We have seen how the outgoing city attorney has stood by while housing inhabitability issues mount up to inhumane degrees. It’s with this in mind that ACCE is proud to endorse Faisal Gill for the position of City Attorney. Faisal has promised to bring a proactive, activist approach to the City Attorney’s office. This includes holding city departments accountable—particularly the LAPD. With a background in civil rights law and criminal defense, Faisal is pledging to police the police. His activist approach also includes protecting vulnerable tenants. Faisal has promised to be proactive in enforcing the Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance, which ACCE-LA leaders advocated for and won. While ACCE leaders hold some respect for competitor Hydee Feldstein Soto, and appreciate that she went through our endorsement process with good faith, it’s our analysis that the city desperately needs the kind of reform and accountability that Faisal is pledging to bring to office with him.  After all, as Faisal Gil told us, the City Attorney can’t just be the attorney for City Hall. They need to be the attorney for the city residents—a people’s attorney.