The Housing Justice League

California’s housing unaffordability crisis has severely deepened throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response ACCE Action launched an ambitious mass outreach and organizing program designed to bring tens of thousands of struggling tenants, from all parts of California, into the Housing Justice League. ACCE has created the infrastructure to do large-scale outreach through social media, radio ads and mass texting, and to move people into on-going Defend Your Home workshops, legal support, organizing training, and more. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, ACCE Action set out to organize impacted tenants and pressure local and state lawmakers to prevent evictions and forgive (or cancel) rent. By June 2020, over 75,000 tenants had signed up to joined the Housing Justice League. In January 2021, the state enacted SB91 -a statewide law that banned evictions due to non-payment of rent and dedicated billions towards rent relief for impacted renters and landlords. 

The loss of income due to COVID-19 means that millions are unable to pay their rent and, when people do get back to work, they will not receive back pay so, naturally, will not be in a position to pay back rent!  Knowing that, the Housing Justice League is working to strengthen eviction moratoriums across the state, win full rent forgiveness regardless of landlord participation, and strengthen tenant protections at large. You can join the Housing Justice League here.