Los Angeles

City Council

→ What was once unthinkable, once impossible in Los Angeles, is looking like it’s becoming regular practice: in the past two years, two sitting members of the City Council have lost their reelection bids to progressive challengers. In 2020 Nithya Raman defeated incumbent councilman David Ryu, and in June 2022 Eunisses Hernandez defeated incumbent councilman Gil Cedillo. Now as November 2022 approaches, it’s the hope of progressive advocates and the working-class community that Hugo Soto-Martinez will defeat incumbent councilman Mitch O'Farrell. Hugo Soto-Martinez is the kind of city representative who would be representative of city residents. As a child, Hugo helped his parents when they worked as street vendors. As an organizer with UNITE HERE Local 11, Hugo has helped workers and union members fight for fair wages and dignity in the workplace. As a city councilmember, Hugo will support tenants organize and fight for their rights, work with city departments to bring about effectiveness of city services and resources, fund affordable housing and land trust programs, push for 100% electrification of buildings, and resource communities in ways that prevent crime. Hugo Soto-Martinez embodies the hope and ambition to continue to make happen in Los Angeles what was once thought impossible.