Los Angeles


→ The November runoff contest for who will serve as LA’s next Mayor presents a choice between an ex-Republican billionaire developer from Brentwood who spent millions of his own money to buy his way onto the ballot, and a former community activist from South LA turned congresswoman. Of course, the congresswoman is Karen Bass, and of course, the choice is clear. Karen Bass has spent a lifetime building her credibility in the community. The founder of Community Coalition–an ally organization to ACCE-LA–Karen Bass has been a nurse, member of the Assembly, Speaker of the Assembly, and member of the House of Representatives. Karen Bass has staffed her campaign with other leaders in the community– veterans of grassroots organizing who have fought alongside ACCE on important issues. To ACCE members, who have engaged with Karen Bass directly throughout her campaign, it’s clear that her administration will be inclusive of impacted voices, and that she will continue to engage with the wider community, so that together we move towards justice and empowerment.