To : Supervisors Wiener, Christenson, Cohen and Breed:

The housing crisis has set San Francisco diverse families and communities back decades and the crisis is getting worse.

Every day we wait, we lose our neighborhood diversity. Hundreds of mostly Black and Latino SF homeowners will be foreclosed on due to short term modifications on previously predatory loans. For renters of color, nearly 50% of people evicted in the prior year were African American and Latino (Fall 2014 EDC report). In just over one generation (from 1980 to today), SF's Black Population dropped by over a half (12% in 1980 to nearly 5%
today). One 50 square block radius that defines the heart of the Mission District- once 65 percent Latino--has lost as many as  8,000 Latino residents.

We, the undersigned, support the efforts coming out of the Mission neighborhood to stop luxury housing until a community-driven plan is in place to make sure there is enough affordable housing to preserve and protect our communities and stop displacement.

Instead of stopping the Mission from dealing with its affordability crisis, we demand you Support the Mission Moratorium AND you take similar actions to address the Housing Crisis impacting your district and San Francisco.

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  • Theresa Colenan
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-05-29 12:37:30 -0700
    Sign the petition: MISSION MORATORIUM NOW!