Keep Pastor Dorn in his Home!

Pastor Yul Dorn story shows why urgent action for a real plan is needed for the Bayview Hunters Point.  A public employee, member of SEIU, local pastor, and second generation Bayview resident, he has dedicate his life to protecting this community. He has stood with dozens of seniors and families to help stop their evictions.

It's our turn to stand with him!

Call speculator Quan He at (408)221-8567 and say:

Hi, may I speak to Quan He? My name is ______. I'm a neighbor of Pastor Yul Dorn of 3 Las Villas Ct. We understand that you recently bought his property. We’re calling because we want to keep Yul and is family in their home of 20 years. All we’re asking is that you stop the eviction and work with the family to either sell it back to the bank or sell it back to the family. There are many concerned neighbors that want to see him and his family stay.


What was the result of the call?