Assembly District 40

→ Pilar Schiavo is running to represent AD 40, which includes the whole City of Santa Clarita, and portions of the City of Los Angeles, and where there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. (A 5% Democrat advantage before redistricting, and an 11% Democrat advantage after redistricting.) And yet, the district is represented by a Republican, Suzette Valladares, who barely managed to emerge as the winner in a crowded, and split field of Democrat candidates. Pila Schiavo is running on values and policies that match the constituents in this Los Angeles community, such as universal healthcare (Pilar is an organizer with the CA Nurses Association). Pilar is fairly new to the district, having relocated there after looking for a community she could actually afford to live in. She understands the struggle of finding affordable housing, and she’s committed to investing in housing for low to middle-income families. Additionally, Pilar has worked with ACCE on multiple campaigns in the Bay Area, such as raising the minimum wage, and guaranteed healthcare.