ACCE Action fights for the policies and candidates that advance a people’s agenda. We’re working towards a vision of liberation that includes a right to quality housing, education, healthcare, and community services.

By engaging with voters, and by putting pressure on our elected officials, we’re making politics work for us – in and out of the election calendar.

When we fight, we win!

Election Year GOTV Outreach – “Get out the Vote!”

In an election landscape saturated with political ads and poll-tested talking points, we’re putting community-driven solutions front and center. 

ACCE Action election teams work every cycle to reach voters in target communities most affected by the policies passed by lawmakers. Through texting, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations at the doorstep, our election teams urge community folk to vote, and make their powerful voice heard. 

By focusing on working class voters, tenants, immigrants, and people of color–we’re engaging sectors of the electorate largely ignored by the political party machinery and consultant shops. 

Apply to be a voter outreach worker for the June 2022 Election! 

CA Working Families Party

Even as we grapple with the two-party system structure of present-day politics, we envision and work towards a better way. The CA Working Families Party offers a powerful, grassroots infrastructure to support the progressive candidates who are committed to using their elected office to deliver on community-driven solutions. 

ACCE Action is proud to join unions and community organizations as part of the CA Working Families Party. If you’d like to get involved with the WFP in California, you can find out more here.

ACCE Action Statewide Electoral Committee

These are the folks doing the hard work of vetting candidates for statewide office. If a statewide candidate wants an endorsement from ACCE Action, they have to go through this committee first. 

ACCE Action Electoral Committee members survey the electoral landscape, determine the questions and issues that we bring before the candidates, interview the candidates directly, and ultimately provide a careful analysis and recommendation to the rest of the ACCE Action organization. 

If you are a candidate who would like to be endorsed by ACCE Action, or if you’re a community member interested in joining the Electoral Committee, you can email ACCE Action’s Political Director, Juan Rubalcava, at [email protected]

Special Election Candidate Forums - 2021

In an election, it’s important to hear from the candidates. But they also have to hear from us!

In May 2021 –ACCE Action partnered with Courage CA and Black Women for Wellness Action Fund to host a virtual public candidate forum ahead of the 54th Assembly District Special Election in Los Angeles.

In June 2021 – ACCE Action partnered with Courage California to host a virtual public candidate forum ahead of the 18th Assembly District Special Election in Oakland.  

These forums–open to all–provided the opportunity for members of the community to engage with, and hear directly from, the candidates in an open and candid discussion. 

No on the CA Governor Recall – September 2021

ACCE Action stood firmly against the recall attempt in 2021. We joined with labor partners, progressive organizations, and community advocates to oppose the hijacking of the governorship. Supported by right-wing extremists, and funded by corporate elites by Geoffrey Palmer, the recall was an attempt to usurp the voting majority. 

ACCE Action worked to stop the recall, by talking to 12,691 voters over the phone, 1,815 voters at the doors, and identified 11,427 supporters. 

Politics as usual is over, and now it’s our turn to have a say. ACCE Action members and supporters are contributing monthly to build a statewide political war chest that we can use to elect good candidates, unseat the bad political players and win progressive ballot initiatives.