Housing Justice

In 2021, ACCE and allies won one of the strongest eviction moratoriums in the country when the San Diego Board of Supervisors banned most just-cause evictions and passed protections for tenants affected by the pandemic. This was followed a year later in May 2022 by the passage of a temporary no-fault eviction ban in the city of San Diego. ACCE members are leading the campaign to make this ban permanent. Also in 2022, ACCE leaders in Chula Vista successfully fought for permanent just cause and tenant anti-harassment protections, and residents of the Siesta RV Park in Imperial Beach won stronger protections for RV and mobile home park tenants. In 2023, ACCE members led the fight in the city of San Diego and in Chula Vista to pass stronger just cause protections- the only cities in the county with strong protections against no-fault evictions. These protections start on the first day of a tenant's lease and include greater relocation assistance. ACCE San Diego leaders also spearheaded the creation of the Blackstone Tenants Union, aimed at organizing tenants living in buildings owned by notorious corporate landlord, Blackstone. They’ve held actions at Blackstone-affiliated companies and confronted the UC Regents over their investment in Blackstone’s real-estate fund. The San Diego chapter has been driving tenant education and organizing efforts that have led to preventing evictions and winning rental assistance. San Diego ACCE is working with the Legal Aid Society of San Diego to provide outreach to tenants about their rights, including Know Your Rights tenant clinics.