Housing Justice

In early 2018 ACCE San Diego worked hard to collect signatures alongside our allies to put Rent Control, Just Cause and a Rent Board on the ballot in National City. While we succeeded in putting the issue forward as Measure W, we were heavily outspent by corporate landlords and lost by an incredibly small margin of just 155 votes. Given the enormous amount of money spent on spreading lies and deception against Measure W, we plan to win next time! In the wake of a global pandemic in 2020, that saw millions of California renters lose jobs and income due to COVID-19, San Diego ACCE members helped win crucial statewide tenant protections and an eviction moratorium. This effort is the first step toward the ultimate goal of statewide rent forgiveness and relief for small landlords during the COVID-19 crisis. The San Diego chapter has been driving tenant education and organizing efforts that have led to preventing evictions and winning rental assistance. In collaboration with local legal resources and housing groups, San Diego ACCE is also driving efforts for more tenant counseling and free legal resources. To learn more or attend our local tenants rights workshops, reach out to our San Diego office for assistance.