Keep Silvia and Jorge Venegas in their Home!

After 5 years of fighting to stay in my home that was illegally taken from me through a predatory practice known as "dual tracking," I have my FINAL eviction court hearing on Monday, March 25th against my landlord Invitation Homes - the largest Wall Street landlord in the nation.

If the court favors the landlord, I will be given a short set of days before I am forcefully evicted from my home.

I will not leave my home voluntarily.

We are prepared to do what it takes to stay. The justice system has proven time and time again to side with the big banks, Wall Street landlords and the wealthy. Of the millions of homeowners that lost their homes illegally through predatory practices during the foreclosure crisis, few of them ever achieved justice through the courts. 

But our power is not in money or lawyers - it is in our solidarity. Our power is in our unwavering commitment to stand with one another through our struggles and collectively push back against the tide of displacement and disruption ravaging our communities. Please stand with me, and I will stand with you!