USC Forward

We’re working with USC Forward, a project of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), to demand University of Southern California administrators address their role in the gentrification and displacement of low-income communities following the university’s rapid expansion. In July 2020, ACCE leaders joined USC Forward for an action calling for the abolition of campus police, an end to restrictive security measures, and the university to recruit 1,000 LAUSD students annually with full scholarships. In August 2020, USC Forward, ACCE leaders, clergy, labor allies and South L.A. residents rallied to demand the L.A. City Council stop the building of a Marriott Hotel on the former Bethune Library site, and prioritize affordable housing instead. In February 2023, ACCE members rallied in support of USC shuttle bus drivers campaigning to unionize with SEIU Local 721, and the drivers eventually won that fight. ACCE and USC Forward are now on the verge of winning crucial tenant protections in the update to South Los Angeles’ Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO), which regulates how landlords redevelop the area for housing. In addition, ACCE-LA is working with East Los Angeles community groups to hold USC accountable for the expansion of their Eastside medical campus. We are continuing to pressure and demand accountability from a city that too often takes care of wealthy neighborhoods and neglects our communities.