Ballot Guide

At ACCE Action we know winning progressive victories takes organized people and decision makers who share our values and life experiences. That is why we see every election as an opportunity to move closer toward the California we all deserve. And when we vote together, we can swear in leaders that pledge not to take money from corporations, big real estate or corporate landlords. We can reclaim the money that’s ours from the billionaire class and invest it in people and the services we need to live dignified, safe and healthy lives. When we vote together, we can provide secure and sustainable income for all, house the unsheltered, give our kids the quality schools they deserve, create free universal healthcare, and so much more.

That’s why ACCE leaders have led the charge to create a 2024 March Primary Election Voting Guide that both vets out local and state candidates and weighs in on the local ballot measures and state propositions we’ll be voting on up and down the state. Check it out!