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ACCE members are those most impacted by injustice. Whether it's a member is fighting displacement or deportation - we'll ask you to take action and stand in solidarity.



Whether fighting for a statewide anti-rent gouging bill, Prop 13 reform or increased school funding in your city - we'll connect you with the decision makers to help make that change.

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No Renter Left Behind!

Urge your legislators to Cancel Unpaid Rent and Mortgage Payments During the COVID-19 Crisis!

  • LEAVE NO RENTER BEHIND: All eligible tenants and landlords should get 100% relief for rent and utility debt incurred due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small landlords need relief & all renters deserve rent and utility debt forgiveness.
  • EXTEND EXISTING EVICTION PROTECTION BEYOND JUNE: The most vital protections must remain in place until the economy of California has properly recovered from the deepest recession since the Great Depression.
  • SECURE LASTING PROTECTION FROM LONG-TERM CREDIT IMPACT: California was already facing a serious housing crisis before the pandemic. Without protection against long-term negative credit impact, we risk trapping tenants in years of financial fallout, impeding the state’s economic recovery.


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Reimagining Public Safety in Richmond

Make Housing a Human Right in Oakland

Reimagine Public Safety in Oakland!

Support UC Workers

Defend Good West Oakland Jobs for Black Oaklanders!

Governor Newsom: Sign AB 1487!

For decades, California most renters have faced eviction trials alone. Only 3% percent of renters have a lawyer when they’re forced to go to eviction court while 81% of landlords do. This imbalance is unfair and unjust. What good are tenant protections against eviction at trial if you can't afford to hire a lawyer to exercise those rights for you?

That's why the California State Legislature has just passed AB 1487 to change that. AB 1487 would create a Homelessness Prevention Fund to fund education, outreach, and legal services aimed at preventing displacement and homelessness among vulnerable California tenants. Can you tweet, email and call on Governor Newsom to sign AB 1487? #SignAB1874

Durante décadas, la mayoría de los inquilinos de California se han enfrentado solos a juicios de desalojo. Solo el 3% de los inquilinos tiene un abogado cuando se ven obligados a acudir a un tribunal de desalojo, mientras que el 81% de los propietarios lo tiene. Este desequilibrio es injusto. ¿De qué sirven las protecciones al inquilino contra el desalojo en el juicio si no puede contratar a un abogado para que ejerza esos derechos por usted?

Por esta razón, la Legislatura del Estado de California ha aprobado el proyecto de ley AB 1487. AB 1487 crearía un Fondo de Prevención de la Falta de Vivienda para financiar la educación, la divulgación y los servicios legales destinados a prevenir el desplazamiento y la falta de vivienda entre los inquilinos vulnerables de California. ¿Puede enviar un tweet, enviar un correo electrónico y llamar al Gobernador Newsom para pedirle que firme la ley AB 1487? #FirmeAB1487