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Oakland ACCE has a Citywide Anti-Displacement Chapter, an East Oakland Chapter, a West Oakland Chapter and the Black Housing Union (BHU).

Oakland ACCE is also a strong supporter of Moms 4 Housing, and provides technical, strategic and legal assistance to the moms in their struggle to assert their right to housing for themselves and their children.

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Fighting for Housing Justice

Born out of our history of resisting Wall Street in foreclosure defense work, ACCE Oakland hosts a citywide Anti-Displacement chapter of tenants fighting unfair rent hikes and unjust evictions. Our chapter has kept dozens of families in their homes facing imminent displacement and taken on some of the largest landlords in the East Bay - from Blackstone’s Invitation Homes to Michael Marr, the largest private landlord in Oakland. 

In 2019, Oakland ACCE helped secure $12 Million a year to fund from the city of Oakland to put homes into community controlled, permanently affordable homes through community land trusts. In 2018, after over a year of organizing, ACCE leaders played a critical role in successfully pressuring their millionaire landlord Steve Kalmbach to sell their homes into the Oakland Community Land Trust where they are now homeowners, rather than displacing them with the $1300 rent increases he had given them. In the November 2018 election we played a critical role in passing Measure Y to close a loophole in the Just Cause Eviction protections law and in 2016 helped pass Measure JJ, an initiative to strengthen tenant protections across Oakland.

ACCE Oakland also plays a critical role supporting Moms 4 Housing.

Community Investment

Our East Oakland chapter has played a critical role in fighting for equitable investment into the flatlands of East Oakland - fighting to reduce illegal dumping, fill unsafe potholes and bring city resources to the neighborhood. We are a key member of the Congress of Neighborhoods Coalition which fights for these same issues. In 2018, we played a role in winning a $1.2 million allocated to the Public Works Department to work on illegal dumping and to hire more city workers from our neighborhoods.

Department of Race and Equity

Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, with about a quarter of its population each being black, Latin@, Asian, and white, yet often Oakland’s policies have had disproportionate and negative impacts on communities of color. Oakland ACCE fought for and won a new department to ensure racial impacts are considered in the decisions the city makes, the policy it implements, and the practices it utilizes!

Worker Justice

In 2014, in partnership with all the groups in the Lift Up Oakland Coalition, we passed a groundbreaking minimum wage law with paid sick days and other protections for workers. In 2016, we continued to stand with low wage workers by organizing retail workers in Emeryville for fair scheduling - making Emeryville the third city in the nation to pass a Fair Workweek policy!



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