Where We Organize

Oakland ACCE is organized through 4 Chapters: 

  1. The Anti-Displacement Chapter unites tenants, homeowners facing foreclosure, and marginally housed people across the city who are fighting to stay in Oakland. 
  2. The Black Housing Union works to stop the mass displacement of Black people from the Bay Area through organizing, education, and direct action. 
  3. The East Oakland Chapter brings together residents of the flatlands of East Oakland to demand the resources necessary to make East Oakland the clean, beautiful, safe neighborhood residents deserve. 
  4. The People’s Tenants Union organizes tenants who live in buildings that owned and/or managed by large real estate corporations.

Contact Us

2220 Livingston St. Suite 214
Oakland, CA 94606

[email protected]

Press inquiries: [email protected]

Our Campaigns


In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and recession, ACCE Oakland is fighting for legal protections against evictions, including for those who’ve been unable to pay rent. Building off our experience defending the Moms 4 Housing occupation, we are growing our eviction defense network and preparing to defend our homes in the courts and in our neighborhoods. Evictions are just one tactic in the long history of settler-colonial violence in this country, and we are fighting for transformative change: no evictions on stolen land! Text “No evictions” to 510-871-9041 to join ACCE Oakland’s eviction defense rapid response network. If you are worried about being evicted, email us at [email protected] so one of our organizers can follow up with you.

Moving Housing from the Speculative Market into Community Control

ACCE partners with the Oakland Community Land Trust to help tenants reclaim their homes from slumlords and speculators, removing housing from the speculative market and making it permanently affordable and under community control.


Oakland housing is in the middle of a corporate takeover. Trillion dollar corporations are swooping into our city, buying up our homes, and pushing us out so they can make maximum profits. ACCE Oakland is fighting back with the People’s Tenants Union (the PTU), an organizing hub for people living in buildings owned by giant corporate landlords. The PTU has successfully beat back sneaky “capital improvements” rent increases, illegal inspections and investor tours during the pandemic, and an attempt by one trillionaire landlord to skip out on half a million dollars in property taxes. If you live in a building owned by a corporation, reach out to [email protected] to learn how you can get involved! 

Protecting the Right to Safe, Healthy, Dignified Housing

Oakland tenants have rights - but landlords don’t always respect those rights. ACCE organizes with tenants to assert their rights, hold bad landlords accountable, and change laws to ensure that every tenant is provided with a safe, healthy, and dignified place to live.

Budget Justice for Our Neighborhoods

ACCE Oakland is working shoulder-to-shoulder with city workers, teachers, nurses, and the Anti Police-Terror Project to refund, restore and reimagine what our our city could look like if we divested from racist and harm-perpetuating institutions and invested in the things that really make our communities safe - housing, socia services, education, living-wage jobs, and transformative justice. Together, we are fighting against an administration of neoliberal austerity to win a People’s Budget - justice and equity for every Oakland neighborhood.



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