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Sacramento ACCE Action currently has several committees and tenant unions countywide working on housing justice! From neighbors holding their slumlords accountable to being on the front-line of major statewide policy campaigns like COVID-19 Rental Assistance program.

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Here is our Sacramento Tenant Self Check Form



Sacramento Civic Engagement

Shifting the Electorate; Sacramento is in a rapidly shifting region of the state. But while the city's demographics are changing, the old guard politics remain. We know that for Sacramentians to win progressive policies we need to shift the electorate to more closely match the city's population AND we need to make sure those newly activated voters show up and vote their values at the polls. Sacramento ACCE is building out its electoral work by carrying out regular voter outreach programs with the help of dedicated staff and motivated volunteer precinct captains. Our goal is to build a base of 20,000 low-propensity voters who we can count on to show up at the polls, at city council, and at the capitol to fight for the policies their communities want and need.


ACCE Members are playing a critical role in fighting for stronger tenant protections throughout Sacramento. Through continuous organizing, we’re able to create change by facilitating opportunities for renters to share their stories with the press, come to organizing meetings, protest, lobby visits with legislators, and continue to get more tenants to join us to raise their voices and fight back.

Our South Sacramento Chapter has identified the need for an Anti-Harassment Ordinance to that holds landlords accountable for acts such as:

  1. Influencing a tenant to vacate a rental unit through fraud, intimidation, or coercion;
  2. Abusing the owner’s right to access the tenant’s rental unit;
  3. Removing a tenant’s possessions without the tenant’s permission;
  4. Threatening violence against a tenant;
  5. Refusing to acknowledge receipt of a tenant’s lawful rent payment;
  6. Substantially interfering with a tenant’s right to quiet use;
  7. Interrupting, terminating, or failing to provide housing services;
  8. Attempting to coerce tenants to vacate with offers of payments coupled with threats;
  9. Invading a tenant’s right to privacy; and
  10. Refusing to do repairs for purposes of harassment.

Just as strong laws were required to prevent hostile work environments, localities now must pass strong laws to prevent hostile living environments. 

Sacramento Tenant Self Check & Code Enforcement

While the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated our already problematic housing crisis in Sacramento, more & more tenants are being harassed, threatened, & retaliated for exercising their Rights! Our committee of ACCE leaders believe that to ensure safe & sustainable rental units there needs to be a change in the way tenants connect with Code Enforcement when property managers & or landlords are refusing to maintain the property in Safe & Healthy conditions. ACCE Leaders have launched our own ACCE tool to support other Sacramento tenants in getting their units inspected by Sacramento Code Enforcement. This Tenant Self Check form was developed for tenants to be able to easily report their rental units & be supported as property owners are already supported by Code Enforcement, city staff & the California Apartment Association. We aim to identify trends in slumlord tactics and work with the City and County of Sacramento to hold these Slumlords accountable. 

If you are a tenant who needs immediate help and/or wants to learn your RIGHTS as a TENANT, attend our weekly Defend Your Homes Workshop on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Register here. 


We have launched our own ACCE for Public Transit which is a Committee within Sacramento ACCE! It is a grassroots union of transit riders, transit workers, & neighbors organized for more affordable, accessible & expanded public transit as a human right

Get involved with our Transit Committee by filling out this form by contacting our office today at [email protected] or by calling us at (916)288-8829.


In GENERAL, Get involved by contacting our office today at [email protected] or calling us at (916)288-8829.



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