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In Los Angeles, ACCE Action have Education Chapter, Tenant Chapter and Home Defender Chapter! We have are also organizing on the neighborhood level with chapters in City Council Districts 8, 9, 10, and 15. From taking action to get the city to invest in our neighborhoods to fighting for fair housing policies and services across the city, LA ACCE Action members are making their voices heard!

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Housing Justice

We've long been leading the fight to save homes from foreclosures and now are deeply engaged in the fight to stop rent gouging and eviction of the long term residents in our communities - especially tenants of corporate Wall Street landlords like Blackstone's Invitation Homes. In the fall of 2018 we played a critical role in pressuring the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to implement a 6 month rent control and just cause eviction policy!

ACCE LA hosts tenant clinics every Thursday night from 6 - 9PM (holidays excluded.)


At Maya Angelou community school, a public high school that we fought to win, we are organizing to implement a set of important community-based policies, including a strong restorative justice discipline program. We continue to organize with parents and teachers, as well as neighbors around the school, to make sure our children are getting a strong, quality education. We are also organizing with our Reclaim Our School Coalition to win $20K per student by 2020 in LA County!

Fix LA

We are always pushing for services such as tree-trimming and potholes repairs in our neighborhoods. Too often the city takes care of wealthy neighborhoods and neglects our communities. That’s why we are a leading partner in the Fix LA Coalition, where community and union partners have unified their voice to demand that the city reinvest in our neighborhood services! Using the idea of “bargaining for the common good”, where unions make demands for the whole community in their contracts, and taking action regularly, we are well on the way to winning the kind of investments we want to see!

Worker Justice

LA ACCE members celebrated a win in the spring of 2015 and continue to roll out victories: workers in both the city and unincorporated county areas are getting a raise in the minimum wage to $15 by 2020. Our bank worker members also organized across LA in Summer 2018 to win the Responsible Banking Ordinance which requires banks to disclose any quotas of their bank-workers before contracting with the city of LA!



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