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for Social, Economic + Racial Justice in California

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action

is a multi-racial, democratic, non-profit community organization that builds power to fight and stand for economic, racial and social justice. We take seriously our commitment to ground-up organizing to build a strong people’s movement that can create transformative community change.

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Tenants Win a Rent Cap and Eviction Protections Across California!

The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482) expands protections to 8 million tenants, covering more renters than any single tenant protection bill in recent US history! The bill bars landlords from rent-gouging tenants by capping rents at 5% plus inflation and stops unfair evictions. 

Read more about the bill and how it can help you here.

Los Angeles Renters Win Permanent Rent Control in Unincorporated LA County!

In a historic victory for renters, LA renters won permanent rent control, just cause eviction protections and right to counsel for unincorporated LA County: expanding renter protections to nearly 45,000 new apartments. 


Support ACCE Action

ACCE strives to be a self-sufficient organization, independent from funding from the government or corporations in order to allow us to be accountable to our members and take action when needed in our communities. To keep the work going, we depend on our members and donors who contribute regularly to support our work. Will you make a contribution to support ACCE Action's continued organizing?




While tech companies and hedge funds are trying to take over our city, we continue to organize working class communities of color for affordable housing and access to opportunities for everyone.
Contra Costa
Contra Costa ACCE Action members are taking action and winning transformative changes with chapters in Richmond, Bay Point, and Concord.
Los Angeles
From taking action to get the city to invest in our neighborhoods to fighting for fair housing policies and services across the city, LA ACCE Action members are making their voices heard.
From passing stronger renter protections to winning major investment into East Oakland city services, Oakland ACCE Action members are taking action and winning.
From neighbors taking back vacant lots and creating community gardens, to being on the front-line of major local policy campaigns, our members are growing a stronger chapter every day.
San Diego
San Diego ACCE members are busy organizing and building power to win housing for all, equitable investment in our neighborhoods, and ensuring civic engagement year round in this binational region.