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We have active chapters in the 4th and 8th Districts in the city of San Diego, on the west side of Chula Vista, and in National City. We continue to organize in new areas of both San Diego and South County. In San Diego and South County cities, we’re busy organizing and building power to win housing for all, equitable investment in our neighborhoods, and ensuring civic engagement year round in this binational region.

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Housing Justice

In early 2018 ACCE San Diego worked hard to collect signatures alongside our allies, successfully putting Rent Control, Just Cause and a Rent Board on the ballot in National City as Measure W. While we were heavily outspent by corporate landlords, we  lost by an incredibly small margin of just 155 votes. Given the enormous amount of money spent on spreading lies and deception against Measure W, we plan to win next time! In the wake of a global pandemic in 2020, that saw millions of California renters lose jobs and income due to COVID-19, San Diego ACCE members helped win crucial statewide tenant protections and an eviction moratorium. In May 2021, ACCE and allies won one of the strongest eviction moratoriums in the country when the San Diego Board of Supervisors banned most just-cause evictions and passed protections for tenants affected by the pandemic. The contributions of ACCE San Diego members eventually led to winning statewide rent relief for tenants and small landlords affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The San Diego chapter has been driving tenant education and organizing efforts that have led to preventing evictions and winning rental assistance. In collaboration with local legal resources and housing groups, San Diego ACCE is also driving efforts for more tenant counseling and free legal resources. To learn more or get information about our local tenants rights, go to

From Predatory Lenders to Predatory Landlords

Following the 2008 financial crisis, many hard working families were forced from home ownership to becoming permanent renters. Now, the same interests who profited from predatory lending are now predatory landlords. ACCE is leading the fight in San Diego against the corporate landlords and investors who are at the heart of the housing crisis in California. Through targeted, direct actions against landlords and management companies ACCE members are winning repairs to ill-maintained buildings, and stopping unfair evictions and arbitrary rent increases that affect the hard working families in the neighborhoods where we organize. ACCE is also fighting for long-term solutions to the housing crisis in San Diego by advocating for stronger tenant protections, anti-displacement measures, protections for immigrants and robust services and legal resources for all communities.

Investment in Our Neighborhoods

Too often, low-income communities are left without basic infrastructure and safety improvements like stop signs, lights, and sidewalks. ACCE members in all of our San Diego chapters have successfully fought and won improvements in their neighborhoods from community cleanups, to street resurfacing. With the passage of Prop P to improve infrastructure in Chula Vista, a citizens oversight committee was formed to ensure that infrastructure improvement projects are being done in the communities with the most need. In National City, ACCE members successfully fought for the city’s Shared Streets Pilot Program, which implemented traffic calming measures ensuring the community would have safe spaces to walk and play.

Budget Advocacy

San Diego County is rated 9 out of 10 of the worst counties in the state when it comes to under- enrollment in vital services like CALfresh, CALworks and Medi-Cal. It is currently also sitting on almost 2 billion dollars in reserves, that could be invested in these vital services and programs, like housing, mental health, and rehabilitation that would help to advance the communities that need them. As a result, ACCE together with community, faith-based organizations and labor allies formed the Invest in San Diego Families Coalition to ensure the investment and prioritization within the county budget to improve the quality of life for residents in the region. This effort so far has yielded winning rental assistance funding, translation services, and $15 million in legal counseling and tenant services for San Diego families.


San Diego is the largest border city in the US and immigrants, both documented and undocumented, contribute greatly to the local economy and culture. Early in 2017, ACCE members and partners successfully pushed a “Welcoming City” resolution in Chula Vista and a “Compassionate City” resolution in National City (both approved unanimously) to ensure that local police departments are not sharing immigration status information of their residents with federal immigration agencies. And in November 2020, ACCE members spoke at the Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds (TRUTH) Act community forum to ensure the county Sheriff's Department is transparent in its dealings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As part of the Invest in San Diego Families Coalition, ACCE San Diego helped win the creation of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and an Immigrant Legal Defense Fund to provide representation for people facing deportation.

Growing our Latino Voting Base in San Diego

In 2016, ACCE’s San Diego office ran a 23-person team of canvassers in Chula Vista aimed at increasing voter turnout. Over our 6-week program, we spoke to more than 10,000 voters and helped mobilize Latino voters in the long-ignored, low-income communities of West Chula Vista and District 8 of San Diego. Eighty percent of the voters we contacted turned in their ballots. Of the total likely Spanish-speaking voters, ACCE Action turned out 30% of that voting bloc. While our program was non-partisan and we never spoke about candidates, at stake in this election were two City Council seats and a Mayoral election. These races had incredibly close margins, being decided by hundreds of votes or less. Voter turnout was critical to ensure that low-income, immigrant communities’ voices were a deciding force in Chula Vista’s election results, which are expected to set a new direction for immigration policy in the region. Since 2016, San Diego County has increased its share of the Latino vote, as well as low-income voters and voters in the south county. These efforts at increased voter participation paid off in the 2020 November general election, when ACCE-endorsed candidates in San Diego and statewide won their positions with expressly progressive and people-centered platforms. And in September 2021, ACCE San Diego members turned out voters countywide to help Gov. Gavin Newsom successfully beat back a recall funded by corporate and reactionary forces trying to undermine the progressive gains we fought so hard to achieve. 



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