Civic Engagement

ACCE San Diego is at the forefront of growing our grassroots electoral power throughout San Diego County and beyond. Every election cycle, ACCE leaders have mobilized voters through massive door-knocking and phone call campaigns for our local and statewide progressive ACCE-endorsed candidates. Since 2016, San Diego County has increased its share of the Latino vote, as well as low-income voters and voters in the south county. These efforts at increased voter participation paid off in the 2020 November general election, when ACCE-endorsed candidates in San Diego and statewide won their positions with expressly progressive and people-centered platforms. ACCE San Diego members worked with SEIU 221 in 2018 to pass the pro-voter initiative Measure P, which requires countywide elections held in March to go to a run-off. This full-voter participation measure resulted in the county Board of Supervisors to flip to a progressive majority for the first time. In September 2021, ACCE members turned out voters countywide to help Gov. Gavin Newsom successfully beat back a recall funded by corporate and reactionary forces trying to undermine the progressive gains we fought so hard to achieve. And in November 2022, ACCE members helped propel then-Councilmember Paloma Aguirre to victory in the Imperial Beach mayor’s race. As Councilmember, Paloma proved herself a staunch ACCE ally and advocate for Imperial Beach tenants, and pledged her support for the residents of the Siesta RV Park. Now as Mayor, she is leading on the front lines with ACCE members as we continue the fight for stronger tenant protections in Imperial Beach. Finally, to ensure that we can elect more progressive candidates like Paloma Aguirre well into the future, ACCE San Diego has formed a PAC with the CA Working Families Party.