Local Resources & Updates

Contra Costa Resources

Here are list of resources for Contra Costa resident's during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Contra Costa's Sheriff's will not be executing any evictions until April 1st. 
  • The Director of Emergency Services ordered a moratorium on all coronavirus related evictions (evictions due to loss of income due to covid-19) for 30 days but can be extended.
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open so there is no need to jam stores or hoard items.
  • Those engaged in or requiring essential services can continue their tasks while practicing good sanitation habits and social distancing.
  • Exercising out-of-doors at our local parks while practicing social distancing is good for the body and mind.  
  • If you are able to offer assistance, or need assistance, two of the organizations that may help now are Meals on Wheels and Contra Costa & Solano County Community Food Bank.
  • Contra Costa schools are closed during this time and providing free ‘grab n go’ meals to the many students who rely on them at specific sites.
  • Contra Costa County Aging and Adult Services - Assistance with Food Programs in any City in Contra Costa. This Specialist can give out key information for food, home meals, and hours for Department stores open for Seniors 
    • Call (925) 229-8434 Then press 5 to speak with a Sr. Information Specialist that can give out key information for food, home meals, and hours for Department stores open for Seniors.  
  • Free Grocery Pick-up - for anyone by Monument Crisis Center call 925. 825.7751 Groceries can be picked up for neighbors or someone other than yourself as well. 
    • Monday March 30th 9am-12pm
    • Tuesday March 31st 9am-12pm
    • Friday April 3rd 9am-12pm
  • Home Delivered Meals Program by California Department of Aging - Local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) 
    • Call 925. 229.8434 Contra Costa County Services OR 1-800-510-2020 County Number - Message is bi-lingual. Message will ask you to leave a voicemail and include your City and County.

Reminders for those who live and/or work in Contra Costa:



Monument Crisis Center accepts donations of perishable and non-perishable food during these times. To donate without leaving home, text MCC to 41-444.