COVID-19 Intro

Whether helping our neighbors during an earthquake or opening our homes to them during a wildfire, Californians show up for each other, no matter what we look like, where we come from or where we live. We know that our families and neighborhoods are stronger, safer and healthier when we join together and demand proven solutions to enable us all to weather a crisis and ensure our wellbeing. 

Getting ill reminds us that at our core we are all human and vulnerable. This is a moment that we must stand with and for each other across our differences and against anything and anyone who seeks to divide us. We pull through by pulling together, like we have done in the past. 

That means we demand the care and paid time everyone of us needs, no exceptions. We condemn those who peddle us lies and misinformation in order to further divide us so we don’t join together to demand proven solutions like universal healthcare, paid time to care and protections that keep us in our homes and ensure we make ends meet.

Now is the time for us to unite across our differences and make policy choices that help every-day people -- not a few wealthy corporations. As individuals, we can wash our hands, avoid unnecessary travel and check in on our friends and neighbors. As a united force, we can demand our government do everything it possibly can to protect everyone’s health, no exceptions. 

Now is the time to go all in for all of us. Now is that time to rise to the occasion, represent for all of us and demand our leaders do the same.

Take Action: An Open Letter to CA leaders