Join the Rent Strike Movement!

Join the rent strike movement in sending Governor Newsom a #30DayNotice:

Order the cancellation of rent and mortgage debt during the COVID-19 pandemic, or we will take collective action to KEEP OUR FAMILIES HOUSED.

No one should have to choose between putting food on the table and their housing. All of us – ALL OF US – deserve to have shelter from the storm, a permanent home, and the food, medicine and healthcare we need to be healthy. Now, more than ever, our collective well-being depends upon it.

The “shelter in place” orders will end. The crisis for low-income and working families will not. Even before the crisis, most of us were living paycheck to paycheck. With the loss of income, there is no way for most Californians  to pay back rent or back mortgage payments that went unpaid during the crisis. Basic common sense dictates that because we won’t be getting back pay, we have no way to pay back housing payments. It will be hard enough to get back on our feet without being saddled with new debt.  

SIGN THE PETITION calling for rent and mortgage forgiveness!

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