Sacramento ACCE Big Day of Giving


Even in a crisis like this, the need for housing justice doesn't stop. In fact, low-income households and people of color are suffering disproportionately. 

ACCE played a pivotal role in rapidly securing tenant protections all over California and, critically - here in Sacramento - worked to ensure families can stay in their homes. 

This is what "we're all in this together" looks like, and this is what we need more of right now.

If you're with us, please become a donor to Sacramento ACCE by the end of this Big Day of Giving.

Just last week, in partnership with our allies, 800 renters facing eviction & allies, took action in calls to their legislators, local delegation visits, press events and more. Statewide we have continued the fight for SB 567 which was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week with some provisions that will stop a lot of evictions. It closes the "'no fault" eviction loopholes, where landlords make up excuses to evict tenants with 60-day notices --- Substantial Renovation, Owner-Move-In or taking the property off the market. And it dramatically strengthens enforcement of the Tenant Protection Act. Locally in Sacramento- We continue the fight for Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance both in Sacramento City & County for enforcement when Slumlords are breaking the State Law. This can change the Tenant Fight in Sacramento with actual accountability & enforcement which can open the door for more Legal Services & Pro Tenant Lawyers in Sacramento.

Your donations to ACCE through the Big Day of Giving help fund our current staffing and technological needs to keep up with the high demands of tenants and homeowners after the lasting damage of covid-19.

Thank you for your support y unidos haremos la difrencia (together we will make a change)!

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