Sacramento Tenant Self Check & Code Enforcement

While the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated our already problematic housing crisis in Sacramento, more & more tenants are being harassed, threatened, & retaliated for exercising their Rights! Our committee of ACCE leaders believe that to ensure safe & sustainable rental units there needs to be a simpler way to connect with Code Enforcement when property managers & or landlords are not working with them to maintain the property. They also believe that an open relationship with City Council members, City Staff & Code Enforcement is needed to support one & other to be able to work on these issues together. Staff & tenants have had no luck reaching out to Code Enforcement staff by email or  phone initiate a meeting. We have launched our own ACCE tool to support tenants in inspecting their rental units. This Tenant Self Check form was developed for tenants to be able to easily report their rental units & be supported as property owners are already supported by Code Enforcement, city staff & the California Apartment Association. We aim to identify trends in slumlord tactics and work with the City of Sacramento to hold these Slumlords accountable.