From Predatory Lenders to Predatory Landlords

Following the 2008 financial crisis, many hard working families were forced from home ownership to becoming permanent renters. Now, the same interests who profited from predatory lending are now predatory landlords. ACCE is leading the fight in San Diego against the corporate landlords and investors who are at the heart of the housing crisis in California. Through targeted, direct actions against landlords and management companies ACCE members are winning repairs to ill-maintained buildings, and stopping unfair evictions and arbitrary rent increases that affect the hard working families in the neighborhoods where we organize. The new Blackstone Tenants Union, started in 2021, is organizing tenants around San Diego County who live in buildings owned by Blackstone, the world’s largest corporate landlord and housing speculator notorious for hiking rents and evicting tenants. The BTU is fighting against Blackstone’s displacement of struggling families in our communities. ACCE is also fighting for long-term solutions to the housing crisis in San Diego by advocating for stronger tenant protections, anti-displacement measures, protections for immigrants and robust services and legal resources for all communities.