Housing Justice At Large

Born out of our years of work fighting Wall Street’s agenda to foreclose on millions of families across California, ACCE Action is deeply committed to fighting displacement and building a California where everyone has access to a safe and affordable place to live. This means working to PROTECT tenants and homeowners who are fighting to stay housed, PRESERVE existing affordable housing, and PRODUCE more housing that is affordable for people with very low incomes as well as the unemployed.  

All across the state, ACCE Action organizes tenants facing unreasonable rent increases, unjust or illegal evictions, and landlord harassment. We fight alongside those tenants to improve their immediate situation and win structural changes that will stabilize housing for their fellow community members such as establishing and strengthening rent control ordinances, ending unjust evictions, and increasing the supply of housing affordable to people with very low and extremely low incomes. In numerous cities, ACCE members are deeply involved in the growing Community Land Trust (CLT) movement and are working to move existing rental housing from the private, speculative market into community control, while we fight for an expansion of publicly funded, permanently affordable housing to meet the needs of our state’s low-income and working families.

ACCE Action is also a proud steering committee member of Housing NOW! – a statewide coalition that is building power to make housing affordable and combat the displacement crisis that is disproportionately impacting working class communities of color. Led by tenants, our coalition also includes allied landlords, realtors, and dozens of community, faith and labor organizations.