Voter Engagement

Wall Street, oil companies, landlord associations, and giant corporations continue to spend billions every election cycle to buy political power in both major parties. They use their outsized influence to reduce consumer protections, award corporate subsidies, and exploit shady tax loopholes. 

But, we have proven that when we are engaged and organized, not only can we defeat their attacks, but we can pass strong policies that benefit our communities! ACCE Action’s voter outreach teams connect directly with community members in order to engage deeply on the issues, and peel away the corporate lies. At ACCE Action, we understand the impact of one-on-one conversations to educate voters, and win elections. In the past decade, ACCE Action’s voter engagement team has won local ballot measures, city council races, and school board seats. 

At the statewide level, ACCE Action is also a part of the Million Voters Project (MVP) - an unprecedented collaboration of California’s strongest community-based networks organizing to expand California’s electorate and build our political power as the new California majority.

In the fall of 2020, ACCE Action’s voter engagement teams contacted 61,832 voters across multiple initiative campaigns and electoral races, helping to pass progressive ballot measures, and elect candidates that place people over corporate profit.