Training And Leadership Development

Key to ACCE Action’s Power Building theory of change is the development of community members into powerful leaders and savvy organizers - enhancing our ability to successfully create and implement campaigns. We also know the powerful change that is possible when members are able to fully participate in the decisions affecting their lives. The best way we know to support members in doing that is by equipping them with the tools they need to understand the world around them, share their stories, and fight to win systems that will affirm and support them. We do this by creating opportunities to critically discuss underlying social, racial, ethnic, economic and gender power dynamics that affect our daily lives and by galvanizing the will of our members to build community power from the ground up.

Spokesperson Trainings

The situations and stories of community members being evicted from their homes, being shut out of economic recovery efforts, or losing jobs and work opportunities because they need to stay home to care for their children or their elders are heart breaking. ACCE works to turn that pain into action. Through quarterly spokesperson trainings we work with members to strengthen the voices and to connect their personal stories to the kinds of systems change efforts they are working to win.

Visioning and Organizing Trainings (A-Team)

ACCE Action continues to partner with our sister organization, ACCE Institute, to advance the organizing skills of our grassroots membership base. Training sessions focus on collective visioning, conversations around what power is and how to build it, and organizing skills related to current ACCE Action campaigns. The goal is to translate the power of the everyday people into an undeniable organizing force for progressive change.