Voting Guide Content

This November, the most diverse electorate in American history is projected to turnout at the highest rate in an entire century. And while Trump tries to stoke fear, divide us across race, and bully his way through an election he knows he is losing, Black and Brown, working class families, young people and immigrants know better and we are showing up in record force to swear in a democracy that works for all of us - not just for a corrupt, white supremacist, billionaire facist and his Wall Street buddies.

When we vote together, we can usher in a new government that unquestionably protects renters and homeowners from the economic fallout of COVID, and stop evictions and foreclosures. We can swear in leaders that pledge not to take money for corporations, big real estate or corporate landlords. We can reclaim the money that’s ours from the billionaire class and invest it in people and the services we need to live dignified, safe and healthy lives. When we vote together, we can provide secure and sustainable income for all, house the unsheltered, give our kids the quality schools they deserve, create free universal healthcare, and so much more.

That’s why ACCE leaders have led the charge to create a 2020 Racial and Economic Justice Voting Guide that both vets out local and state candidates and weighs in on the propositions we’ll be voting on up and down the state. Check it out!

You can download a PDF of our Guide in English here and in Spanish here.