Our Work isn't Finished Yet!

We passed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. The bill, AB 1482, overcame its final hurdle and is on its way to Governor Newsom's desk to be signed. 

AB 1482 expands protections to 7 million tenants, covering more renters than any single tenant protection bill in recent US history.

This victory proves that California’s renters are a force to be reckoned with, and we aren’t even close to being done yet.

As an organization led by people of color, seniors and those most vulnerable to becoming homeless without tenant protections, we will keep fighting and keep winning until every single Californian is guaranteed a safe and affordable home. That includes winning stronger and permanent rent control at the local level. That includes making homes permanently affordable by putting land into community control with innovative local solutions like land trusts. That includes winning strong regulations of corporate landlords and Wall Street speculators that have been ravishing our communities.

This Victory is proof that when we build a multi-racial grassroots movement of tenants, we can win.

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