Alameda County halts evictions

Move aimed to help tenants during COVID-19 outbreak

East Bay Times - Alameda County broadened its moratorium on evictions Tuesday, extending protection to most renters during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There are things we are doing now that we would not typically do,” Supervisor Nate Miley said, referring to the health crisis. “And I think the same thing relates to this ordinance.”

In order to keep people in their homes, the temporary moratorium now bans not only no-cause evictions, but also most just cause evictions, where landlords could evict a renter for things such as non-payment or violating terms of the lease.

However, landlords still can evict people in some circumstances, such as for health and safety reasons, which can include criminal behavior, as well as if a landlord is going out of the rental business and plans to take the unit off the market.

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