District 20

→ The race to represent this area of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles is an opportunity to disrupt politics as usual. On one side, you have Daniel Hertzberg, who is campaigning on the family name, and not much else. (He’s running for the same Senate seat that his own father is vacating). Even though the younger Hertzberg lacks much on his resume–except for the silver spoon of political dynasty–he has managed to rack up a good amount of political endorsements and campaign contributions, and has managed to walk upon the carpet rolled out for him by his father’s political allies… And on the other side, you have Caroline Menjivar, who comes from and belongs to the community that she’s running to represent. Caroline’s resume and life path include being the daughter of working-class immigrants from El Salvador, earning her EMT license, serving in the Marine Corps, earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from local area universities, and serving as Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s East Valley representative. With a clear understanding of the adversity faced by folks in her district, Caroline promises to be accessible to community groups and community interests, and she counts on support from progressive organizations, such as CA Environmental Voters, La Defensa, NARAL Pro-Choice California, and the Working Families Party.