Progressive Governance

In 2018 Richmond ACCE Action knocked on thousands of doors to elect a progressive slate and pass several critical measures! In the June primary, we endorsed and helped elect Diana Becton, the first African American and first woman to be District Attorney of Contra Costa! We also passed Measure H a real estate transfer tax that will generate $45 million to fund youth programs and other critical city services over the years! In the November general election we endorsed and helped elect Eduardo Martinez a progressive ally to Richmond City Council!

In 2016, we elected our very own ACCE Action member and Community Organizer Melvin Willis to Richmond's City Council!

Backed by the Richmond Working Families Coalition (ACCE Action, SEIU 1021, APEN Action and AFSCME 3299) as well as the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Melvin reaped more than 12,500 votes and was the top vote getter in a race made up of nine-candidates that included multiple incumbents! This win comes two years after the resounding defeat of several Chevron-backed candidates in the 2014 election. As a Community Organizer with ACCE, Melvin has defended homeowners from the greed of banks and speculators and helped tenants whose rents are skyrocketing. Neither Melvin nor Ben accepted any campaign money from corporations or developers. We are thrilled to have two great new City Council members who will stand up for our community!