In A Win For Racial Justice, Contra Costa Secures County Funding Towards An African American Wellness and Resource Hub

Our Contra Costa-ACCE chapter continues to be a leader in the racial justice fight in the county!

We began by fighting for the passage of a special fund called Measure X during the elections of 2020, which would raise funding to support critical social programs in the county.

Through Measure X we were successful at getting the County to invest $80,000 in a feasibility study to create an African American Wellness and Resource Hub in Contra Costa County, and on December 12th we won $1 million from the county to go toward resources for the African American community in Contra Costa County.

The $1 Million we won will go toward supporting non-profits and faith- based groups who are already servicing black community, helping them increase their capacity and provide more resources.

This victory was significant given the Antioch Police Department’s corruption and racism which came to light early last year and showed targeted racism, anti-blackness, confessions of civil rights violation to the black community members, and text messages showing officers celebrating the violence they caused toward black people.

We will be doing work to ensure that the implementation of all these resources go to their intended needs and continue to hold our county supervisors accountable to make sure the African American Wellness Hub becomes a reality!