Demand Housing as a Human Right!

We don't have to accept homelessness as normal.

We don't have to accept the majority of us being forced to choose between paying rent or medicine or food. 

We don't have to accept a housing system that prioritizes landlord profits of our basic human need for shelter. 

When we amend the California constitution to assert the legal right to housing, it balances the power between private property rights and housing as a human right.

If passed, the ramifications could be huge. It could mean that we could repeal Costa Hawkins and the Ellis Act. It could prevent governments from selling off public land that doesn't result in affordable housing. It could ensure that we have sufficient eviction defense services statewide and that government prioritizes construction and conservation of housing that is actually affordable - not just building luxury housing for the wealthy few. It could help us end homelessness. 

Urge the California legislature to amend the constitution to assert the legal right to housing!

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