Demand Housing as a Human Right!

We don't have to accept homelessness as normal.

We don't have to accept the majority of us being forced to choose between paying rent or medicine or food. 

We don't have to accept a housing system that prioritizes landlord profits of our basic human need for shelter. 

As the pandemic protections end and families are left to fend for themselves in a broken housing system and inflated economy, now more than ever do we need to take bold, swift, structural action.

When we amend the California constitution to assert the legal right to housing, it balances the power between private property rights and housing as a human right.

If passed, the ramifications could be huge. Having a constitutional human right to housing in California would obligate both state and local governments to respect, protect and fulfill this right for its citizens. It would require the state to build, preserve and ensure adequate housing exists for all Californians throughout the state, regardless of income level. That means California’s goal of building 1.2M affordable housing units by 2030 would not only be a goal, but a constitutional requirement.

Urge the California legislature to pass SCA 9 to amend the constitution to assert the legal right to housing!

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