'We don't use that much water!'

Is an Arden-Arcade apartment complex price-gouging water bills?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — When tenants of the Harlow Apartments in Arden-Arcade reached out to ABC10 about abnormally high water bills, we started asking questions and got results.

With the turn of a faucet, tenant Angy Boss washes her hands before lunch, wondering why her May water bill was more than 11 times the flat rate of $35 that's written into her lease.

"We don't use that much water," Boss said. "I don't have $400 laying around to be put into a utility bill that I wasn't expecting."

That's a third of what she pays for rent now in a quiet two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit that doesn't have its own washer and dryer at the Harlow Apartment complex.

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