Newsom, Chiu agree on bill that could lead to widespread evictions

The landlords and banks will be fine; not so much the renters. But tenants say it's better than nothing.

48 Hills - Assemblymember David Chiu has reached a compromise with Gov. Gavin Newsom and the big landlord groups on a relatively limited bill to protect renters from evictions during the COVID pandemic.

The measure is nothing like the original bill he had introduced; the governor didn’t even try to salvage that measure and instead has produced a new one, AB 3088, which will go before the Assembly and the Senate Monday before the Legislature adjourns.

It will need a two-thirds majority in both houses to become law.

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez at KQED has a good, detailed report on what the law does and doesn’t do. Put simply, it provides limited protections for tenants, allows landlords an expanded ability to collect back rent, and could lead to vast numbers of evictions this fall.

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