→ Prop 1 would enshrine the right to an abortion in the California state constitution.

Even though Trump is no longer president, Trumpism as an institution still remains. Notably, the conservative Supreme Court is filled with his judicial nominations, and it’s this Trump body that has been intentionally eroding longstanding civil and environmental protections.

In particular, this Supreme Court has torn asunder half a century of legal precedent, and they have risked the autonomy and well-being of millions of Americans by repealing Roe v. Wade earlier this year. In the ensuing months, we have seen so many states across the country outlaw and criminalize people seeking abortions for themselves. In California, we have the opportunity to make sure that birthing people never get criminalized for acting on the rights and protections afforded to them under the laws of the state. ACCE members have made it clear that these protections should be enshrined, and have even shared personal accounts that evidence the real need for these protections.

The state legislative body has put this question to the voters as part of a constitutional amendment. Now this vote offers Californians the opportunity to make their voice heard on this issue in a way that will inform state law, and could resonate across the country.