Renters rally for California to extend eviction moratorium

The group said in San Diego, at least 20,000 renters are at risk of eviction by Sept. 1.

Renters without jobs said they are definitely feeling the pain and uncertainty as they fear the first of the month, saying they don't know if they'll even have a place to live. A couple dozen people rallied Thursday at the Hall of Justice, calling upon Governor Newsom to step in and extend the eviction moratorium.

"For me and my kids to become homeless, it's not right. This is not fair to them or fair to anybody. We didn't cause this pandemic," said single mother of two, Patricia Mendoza.

Mendoza worries about getting kicked out of her home after losing her job in March.

Renters and activists rallied downtown demanding lawmakers ban evictions while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, saying there's little time left in the state legislative session.

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