Sacramento ACCE Successfully Fight to Protect the Sacramento Youth Ryde Free Transit Program!

SACRAMENTO, CA - ACCE Transit Riders members have been fighting over the last Couple months to Protect our Successful Youth Ryde Free Transit Program. The Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan originally proposed to completely cut the program from the city's budget but the consistent presence and pressure from ACCE members and the community resulted in Mayor Steinberg proposing to cut their part to $250,000 and having Sacramento School Districts & SacRT to pay the remaining $750,000. The final budget meeting was on June 11, 2024 where we had 40 leaders and allies who spoke out & helped the program be saved for this next year. Mayor Steinberg & other City Council Members pressured the school districts to pay their part in a rushed announcement in less than a 2 week turnaround. Although the community and members were outraged at the idea of forcing school districts that are already being defunded by the state budget to have to pay for a program that benefits the city, not just schools. ACCE Leaders saw this as a good opportunity to demand that school districts have oversight and representation for better services like more direct routes and safer bus stops for schools as well as having representation on Sac RT's board. The fight ahead will consist of demanding representation for school districts as well as keeping the program intact for future youth riders.

This is a HUGE win for Sacramento ACCE as we made Sac RydeFree the main topic other than the Police Budget! 
Here is the link for the Sac Bee article