Local Resources & Updates

San Diego Resources

Here are list of resources for San Diego resident's during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • San Diego City Council ordered a moratorium on all coronavirus related evictions for residents and businesses in the city. (evictions due to loss of income due to covid-19) will be granted a stay until at least May
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open so there is no need to jam stores or hoard items.
  • Those engaged in or requiring essential services can continue their tasks while practicing good sanitation habits and social distancing.
  • Exercising out-of-doors at our local parks while practicing social distancing is good for the body and mind.  
  • If you are able to offer assistance, or need assistance, two of the organizations that may help now are Meals on Wheels and San Diego County Food Bank.
  • Another organization that can help get the products you need if you have immunocompromised health conditions, or are more vulnerable to the sickness. You just need to sign up, and on the website you can sign up as a volunteer for those that would like to offer assistance in the midst of the Corona virus crisis.
  • There are also two ways to get free or reduced internet access for students to keep up with their homework while in quarantine. AT&T offers low-cost wireline home internet, and Spectrum offers free internet for 60 days for households with a student.
  • Here’s a link to existing services for businesses and one for workers including loans
  • San Diego schools are closed during this time. A list of pick-up sites for food and schedules is available here.     

Reminders for those who live and/or work in San Diego: