Mayor #1 Choice

→ In 2018, when Sheng Thao first ran for city council, ACCE showed up to support her candidacy. And now, as Sheng runs for Mayor, ACCE is showing up with support once again. That’s because Sheng remains committed to the same issues that ACCE members continue to care about. Housing: she’s committed to funding affordable housing, and protecting tenants. Education: she’s staunchly opposed to school closures that disproportionately disadvantaged communities of color. The environment: she’s refusing to take oil money, and plans to electrify infrastructure. Racial justice: she wants to push for true equity across the city, and see true reparations for black Oaklanders. The truth is that Oakland has had enough of poor leadership. And several of these Mayoral candidates—Loren Taylor, Treva Reid, Ignacio de la Fuente—promise to be more of the same, or even worse. Sheng Thao is our #1 choice for Mayor, and we’re showing up for her, because we know that she can be counted on to show up for us.